Our Arranmore community established an Architectural Standards Manual in 1983 

Once you move into Arranmore you have an AUTOMATIC MEMBERSHIP in preserving this attractive, livable and prestigious community.  This process should protect all of our property values.

Plan to Submit an Architectural Application form when ….

– Any external changes to your home

– Painting your home and other structures on your property

– Replacing a Roof

– Fence Addition or Replacement

– Driveway or sidewalk repair or replacement

– Landscape / hardscape, building of walls, flower boxes etc

The Architectural Application form is easily found on the Arranmore website.

Plan ahead.  Refer to the Architectural Standards and Controls Manual and submit your application at least 30 days prior to any work to be done.

Along with your completed application attach or email any plans or drawings that would further describe the project.  Make sure to include ALL the details of the project to help the committee promptly process your application.

The committee will approve or disapprove your complete application within 15 days after receipt.

Submitting a manufacturer’s spec sheet is a great way to convey information needed when reroofing your home:
-Length of Warranty (30 year or more)
-Product Color

Paint your potential color choices on your house so the Architectural committee members can come by and see them. This is a great time to make sure you like the colors too!